1. Information

a. I/we shall furnish or post true and accurate information of product such as variety, weight, size and others on this website;

b. I/we shall update from time to time information on product variety, quantity, price, method of delivery, pick-up location and whatever necessary;

c. I/we shall notify non-availability of product immediately upon out of stock;

d. I/we shall promptly amend inaccurate and inappropriate information posted on this website; and

e. I shall furnish any information required by the administrator of this website.

2. Service Integrity

a. I/we shall supply quality product which are new, fresh, safe for consumption, beyond its expiry date and packed appropriately;

b. I/we shall deliver order(s) within stipulated time;

c. I/we shall ensure that order(s) are ready on collection time; and

d. I/we shall ensure that fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are conformed to the requirements of grading, packaging and labelling regulations. Other product categories shall conform to the industry accepted grading, packaging and labelling regulations.

3. In Case Of Non-Performance

a. I/we shall replace non-delivered order(s) which due to situations beyond control, within the time stipulated by the buyer;

b. I/we shall replace order(s) with the same quality and quantity, or substitute with other item at buyer’s request; and

c. I/we shall refund payment within fourteen working days for non-delivered order(s) which paid by buyer to me/us.

4. Payment and Charges

a. I agree that the administrator of this website may determine the method of payment for the order(s) and sales from time to time;

b. I agree that the administrator can take a 5% commission for each product sold on the website to pay for the platform hosting fee;

c. I agree that the administrator may from time to time, make notification of imposing charges and commissions, and upon my/our consent, may impose the charges and commissions; and

d. I agree that MyHalalShoppe may make deductions before remitting sales payments to me/us to contra for any charges, commission, refund, and others when necessary.

5. Covenant

a. I shall post products as displayed in my Virtual Store Front;

b. I shall post genuine materials and shall not infringe any law regarding intellectual property rights;

c. I shall not use any MyHalalShoppe or other parties logo without prior consent;

d. I shall take full responsibilities for all my postings;

e. MHS shall not be responsible for any damages or claim by third party affected by my posting in this website;

f. I hereby indemnify MyHalalShoppe for any claim, suit and proceeding pertaining to my postings;

g. I shall adhere to all Malaysian laws especially The Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Electronic Commerce Act 2006, Computer Crime Act 1997 and Digital Signature Act 1997; and

h. I agree that any dispute arises from or in relation to this website shall be referred to a Dispute Resolution Committee established by MyHalalShoppe.

6. Removal from Website

MyHalalShoppe reserves the right to remove and ban myself/our company from this website in the occurrence of breach of any of these Terms and Conditions or inactive postings.

7. Amendments of Terms and Conditions

The administrator may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time with notifications on this website.

8. Governing Laws

These Terms and Conditions and the usage of this website are governed by Malaysian Laws.