About Us

myhalalshoppe.com is Malaysia’s latest multi-merchant e-commerce platform focused on the promotion of SME products such as clothing, F&B, beauty & cosmetics, electrical & electronics, telecoms, accessories, etc.

MyHalalShoppe offers customers an effortless shopping experience with a comprehensive access to retailers. In addition, retailers will enjoy a simple and direct access to the largest customer base in Malaysia, as well as an international market.

Our target group of sellers will be those under-privileged groups that may have limited or no market access to promote their products. For instance, they could be small retailers from the rural areas. We are committed to bringing the highest quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. All of our products are brand new, sourced directly from carefully selected SMEs/manufacturers, Retailers or Wholesalers. As no middleman is involved, every purchase made indirectly contributes to sustaining the economic growth of these SMEs.

At MyHalalShoppe we are working hard to level the playing field for small businesses competing against global companies. With one in every hundred Ringgit spent by Malaysian consumers now being spent online, the giants are growing their market share by squeezing the little guys who can’t compete with huge marketing spend and vast search engine optimization.

By providing a large-scale marketplace exclusively for small business sellers we can create the scale needed to compete with the giants whilst keeping costs low for our sellers, providing consumers a vast selection and solving the “default to large problem” where online buyers buy from the big names for convenience and security when they would often prefer to support small or local businesses.